You have a way of getting to the center of the struggles I feel, and this comes right when I’m perched on the edge of finding a way to go forward with my own writing. It’s the “my own” that keeps getting in my way. I want to impress, succeed, make a name. And every one of those impulses squats like a boulder blocking the path on my way to creating. I keep thinking that I’m trying to find a way around these boulders, but when I’m awake I find that I’m actually holding on tightly to them. So, yes, I need to release what never belonged to me anyway.

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This is a reminder to me me to just share what comes through me as I’ve been thinking of getting off the internet (IG & Twitter) and been intimidated by writing a substack even if once a month.

“The knowledge is coming through me and not mine anyway” (paraphrasing you), holding on usually hurts or presents some sort or block on my pathway.


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“You can’t lose a tug of war if you refuse to pick up the rope.”

Hang around me long enough and you’re likely to hear me ask how you win a game of tug-o-war? Let go of the rope.

Six decades I’ve been knocking around this planet and this is the first time I’ve come across a similar saying in the wild. 😁😁

I typically find people engaged in the game, wondering how to get out of it... “Let go of the rope. Just let go.” Much better if they never picked it up in the first place... Wisdom knows the latter, right?

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I can’t tell you how much I love this ...

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I like that your car remains the same in your dream world. It seems to have been an NB node becoming yourself.

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Perhaps the theatre is not so much a possession as a stage, one you’ve created for others to play on? If so I wonder if this dream is about parenthood and that letting go of the rope is the job you must now do?

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