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Even if you have written it before (and I have forgotten about it too..) thank you for writing it again for it is very much enlivening to see all of what you do laid out in its complex simplicity, honesty & fierceness.

“is to be reminded of all we know that we didn’t know that we knew, and to discover that all we think we know may be unknowable.”

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Yes to all of this! I wish I could attend your dream workshop but my Saturday mornings are taken. (I wrote a “dreamoir” titled Bruja (out of print but still available used) and I especially love “I say, and I believe that tending to our dreams is a wholly political project.” Agreed!

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"I try to do whatever I can"...

What follows next: a simply SPECTACULAR paragraph regarding what you do and why you do it.

The pen, indeed, is mightier than the sword. Especially when utilized on behalf our shared "commons".

Hat tip, Mary Watkins. Hat tip, Martha Crawford. Onward !!!

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Looking to the last places first. I like this a lot and I do this a lot too. I’d rather face dread, daunt and fear first so I can spend the rest of the other time knowing the rest of the reality.

Yes, we can be non-partisan but in this co-constructed reality we are always political so it’s better we be mindful and deliberate about it because non participation means we inadvertently smite the marginalized who might even be our very selves.

Thank you 🌸

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