Damn. You just lit a fire over here for me. Much thanks!

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I've had the experience (numerous times, but it was the first time that really struck me), of someone saying something, I kind of ignored it -- then 10 years later, when I was ready to hear it, my brain coughed it up

And this is very freeing, when it comes to me saying things to other people

I can often let go of attachment that they hear me, because I can tell myself that if it's the right time for them someday in the future, they will hear it then

Not always. I still wish I could find a way to get my parents to take the multi-pandemic more seriously. I don't say much, though. Mostly just be an example

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Well said! It resonates in me. I hear you!

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I like this clarity of the number of chances people get to hear because oftentimes we spend time in guilt thinking that WE should have said it more clearly, often and differently. But when people know that their chances to hear and understand are few, they’re more present as listeners. Thank you Martha.

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